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Paris Boulogne Greeters

Boulogne adjoins Paris and is, of course, connected quickly and easily by the Paris Metro.
Some years back the city of Billancourt joined Boulogne, which became the second city of Ile-de-France after Paris. Then it became officially Boulogne-Billancourt, though we still call it Boulogne!

From the stunning heritage of the Albert Kahn Museum and its gardens to the traditional quaint neighbourhoods with their famous architecture of the Thirties, Boulogne offers something for everyone. Vibrant, colourful, fun and free, Boulogne combines the energy of Paris and freedom of peaceful green spaces within and around the city limits.
Boulogne, looking towards the future in its new districts with a modern aesthetic, has not forgotten its history which has been the home of some amazing personalities; to begin with the Rothschild family, who bequeathed a large park adjacent to the Bois de Boulogne and to Roland Garros; Albert Kahn, a philanthropic banker, founder of an unique collection, “The Archives of the Planet”, a project set up with the aim of building an iconographic record of vanishing world ways of life, using the first industrial process which produced genuine colour photographs, the autochrome; Le Corbusier who designed a house in which he lived, himself;  Edith Piaf who bought a house, designed by Emilio Terry, for her love affair with boxer Marcel Cerdan.
Many artists and many sculptors present in the Museum of the Thirties marked the city: Landowski (The Christ of Rio), Bartholdi (The Statue of Liberty), are the best-known.

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