Welcome to Athens Greeters

Athens is a city which combines historic monuments with great architecture, beautiful walks in the city alleys with quality food/coffee in great view traditional and modern restaurants, rides with mini trains or open buses to see the whole city from the top and as these arenít enough, a big variety of bars and clubs with music for all tastes waiting for you in the night.

Who else would be more suitable to accompany you than a team of passionate volunteers? Our team undertakes to show you the whole city from the historical areas to nightlife. Let us share with you Atheniansí history, life style and habits.

If you want to learn more about our non profit organization, to contact us, or to book a Greeter, please visit the website www.AthensGreeters.gr.
AthensGreeters will be happy to serve you. Donít miss the opportunity to learn all the aspects of a beautiful city like Athens.