Mulhouse Greeters

Mulhouse - Alsace, France (Another way of Enjoying Alsace!)

Come and discover this lavish region of France with a Mulhouse Greeter!
Mulhouse is a vibrant city of Alsace; perfectly nestled between the Rhine River and the Vosges Mountains. Just a stone's throw from Freiburg (Germany), and Basel (Switzerland), there is truly no better place to explore the heart of Europe.
Exhibiting a rich and unique history, distinct architecture, and mouth-watering cuisine, Alsace is one of the most vibrant regions of France. Mulhouse, a city recognized for its unique history and art, is sure to impress the passionate traveller with its captivating traditions and culture.
Our Mulhouse Greeters are passionate about their home, and are happy to share with you what makes it so remarkable! With interests ranging from traditional French croquet to cyclo-tourism... we’ll be sure to introduce you to an energetic volunteer Greeter who will engage you in a FREE 2 hour personal discovery of our charming city.
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