Tarn-Albi Greeters

If you would like to adopt the ‘Tarn Attitude’, you can learn all about our famous dovecotes, architectural treasures from historical campaigns, simply everything about the Middle Ages, discovering the history of hilltop castles and fortified villages, some of which are classified amongst the most beautiful in France.  Perhaps you would like to ramble in unspoilt countryside beside tranquil lakes or amongst the massive granite outcrops of the Sidobre.

Whatever appeals to you, connect to www.greeters-tarn-albi.com.and ask for an outing with a Tarn Greeter.  Who would know the region better than a local resident, passionate about their surroundings, who can talk about growing sunflowers and saffron, the art of gardening with the moon, to guide you round the local produce markets, teach how to cook foi gras and wild mushrooms, or find the best sources of preserved meats.

To book a Greeter, just visit our website