Brussels Greeters

Brussels Greeters welcome you!

Brussels Greeters Network is an associative movement created in 2010 by association Tourisme autrement to offer a new form of participative tourism. Brussels Greeters are locals willing to welcome visitors and share with them "their" city, off the beaten path, for an authentic and free of charge encounter.  The Brussels Greeters network provides you with an original experience of tourism. Thanks to a direct contact with the local population, we intend to promote the respect of its environment, culture and traditions. This alternative to classic tourism fosters multicultural exchanges and fulfillment for the visitor and the locals.
Brussels Greeters are passionate about their city and willing to share their good and soft spots (bars, parks, quarters...) with visitors. Let yourself be surprised by Brussels hidden treasures!
What we offer is a different perspective on Brussels.

If you want a true taste of Brussels life, meet a Brussels Greeter for a luscious slice!
A Greeter will allow you to delve deeply into Brusselsí unique atmosphere and allow you to experience all his/her favourite streets, parks, bars and many more places. Most of all, your greeter  will share his/her passion for Brussels with you. City tours or museum visits are not our line of work.

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